new day!!! (baca:new job)

25 juli 2008

entah apa yang udah Dia lakukan dalam hidup gw…tapi gw merasa Dia masih punya kejutan2 yg lain dalam hidup gw
i have been this far, it happened since march or april, i don’t remember exactly
but what i remember exactly was when the first time my advisor asked me to replace my friend’s place in the research
and i still remember what i said to him

“yes, sir. i’ll try to help it….”

and then…my days became sooooo busy
maybe not that busy..
but i felt there were so many changes in my life
after i said the magic word

it came again today
i have been passing so many things to do
i have done so many things in there
i didn’t think i cud be like today
becoz i jez tried to do what i can do yesterday

and NOW
i’m in this place
at the office, for exactly…
at the cubicle…doing something
making something…
producing something
more than i’ve ever dreamt of
and He is the only person who can do this to me
only HIM….my Jesus

but overall
i still have a lot of things to do
like: perbanyakan gw blum selese jugaaaaaaaaaa
kapan gw bisa ngurus buat SKL?????????????????
kyanya gw hrs ijin ke bu liza n mami ijat dulu dh buat mgu depan…
supaya gw bisa ngejar tgl 8 ags n gw ngga usah byr SPP lgeeeeee
mana bnyk bgt kerjaan yg diksh ke gw…
ngga juga seeeh
tpi gw ngrasa baru pertama kerja
udah buanyak n nuempuek
yowes lah…
i’ll try to finish the job
all of them
alllllll of them!!!
tpi skripsi gw dulu yeeeeee
ngga pake koma. titik.

c ya!!

Luv U JC!


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