my far-far-away friend part II

11:40 PM 10/20/2009

i will never got bored to talk about my life
coz everyone inside it always have colours to fill it
so i thank for everyone around me who has so much roles to lighten up my dark life
without you, guys,,,,i am nothing

its like a habit to have a talk with this far-far-away friend of mine
coz he always got something to talk about with me
and you know what?
we do not only talk by net, but also by phone
wow!! isnt that cool???
i dont know…it makes us get closer (for me,,) and more directly
sometimes we forgot how expensive the rates is
but its like we have never talked for a whole year
instead of what we got through the net almost everyday

as i said before,, we do the chat almost every single day
like a HABIT,,,
if there were no conversations between us for a week, or a few days
feels like something’s gone in my day
i dont know for him, but for me thats what i feel
like i lost my friend that day
so thats why i said Habit.,,,

well,,maybe thats weird
but thats what i do feel inside
maybe sometimes he got bored (but he never ever says that to me)
maybe sometimes my turn to get bored (but in the end i forgot about it)
but we have this : a never ending conversation

okay, sometimes he fell asleep while we were talking
not sometimes,,,almost everytime we have a chat
becoz when he is on the line, its already midnight there (i am so sorry Chris,,,)
but it becomes a usual thing to me
and i never bother about it at all
and i know he is tired after working a whole day

again.,…there comes the H thing
Habit,,so i dont mind it at all
its just me
and its just Chris
so its just us and the chat
ow i forgot
he has a dog,,a girl
a german-shepperd..and he loves her soo much
but he doesnt like the hairs on his bed
well, he makes me fall in love with the dog too through the chat
i just loovee dogs,,,especially a big dog..

ow and one thing
i have once sung a song to him directly by phone
coz this song reminds me to him in the lyrics
really,,,its sooo him
so i decided to sing it directly to him
and thank god he likes the original song
not through my voice,,,

so thats me
and my far-far-away friend,Chris

P.S: if he read this blog, i hope he wouldnt get angry
becoz i share my part of life with him in here
and becoz i am being honest in this blog about him and me…friends
hey Chris,,, ^^V…
missed youu…


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