my far-far-away friend,,,

11:18 PM 10/20/2009

Another story about my unreal friend,,i mean about my inet friend,,,
i have once told the story about him in this blog
but its just the short part,,,
wish this could be the long one…We met in the net in the beginning of the year
maybe February,,,,end of Feb..maybe
the first time we chatted,,i thought he would become a pervert like everyone else
but you know what? he did not even once talk about it (s*x)
that was a very weird thing for a person like me
the reasons why are :
1. he is an american
2. he is a normal guy
3. he likes to chat (maybe,,,,)okay the last one is not being counted but i think there are some reasons to make me
think that he is (could be) a pervert
but the answer was and still is no until today

since then, we always find to be online to each other and have some conversations almost everyday
maybe thats weird,,we are separated by thousands miles away but we always try to keep in touch
me myself also cant believe what we had for about almost 10 months
its like old friends met and never have a chat before…repeats everyday
it sounds very much like us
i thought someday we will stop talking through the net
but there will always be something to talk about between us and i have no idea why we can do that everytime we have a chat
he always try to connect and talk with me
sometimes, honestly, i dont want to talk to him like usual
but in the end, i always dont have the heart to ignore him
i dont know,,,maybe coz he is a sweetheart

sometimes we have a different thoughts or opinions about some things,,,
but i think it doesnt bring us to something serious and have a little or even a big fight
i know it sounds like no serious things at all between us
but thats what makes us grow up and think with an open minded about things we talked about
he teaches me to be honest about everything…even about myself
he teaches me about being open to something new in my life
and he teaches me to know the world outside my world
thats why i will never have the heart to ignore him, at least i try
he maybe is the best friend in the net i have ever had in my life,,,who knows??

he keeps saying ” I am jealous with ur boy”
and i keep saying ” and i am single just like you”

we will never know until when we stay single
but if one of us is getting married, i dont think we will stop sharing our life through the chat
because we are friends forever (to me) altough maybe, we will never meet each other
but i wish someday we could meet, wherever, whenever
i wish……………………………………..

he is a unique person in my eyes,,
Thats why i like him
maybe noone likes him the way i do
i will always pray for his happy and prosperous life in USA
have a nice life, my sweet friend

from ur halfway-around-the-world friend
missing you always

P.S : maybe i am overtalking
but i am sure that i am talking about what i wanted to say
a.k.a honest…..if you read this Chris,,,

11:40 PM 10/20/2009


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