Journey at Manado-World Ocean Conference 2009

I have never imagined that i could visit that city in Indonesia. I think it was the most beautiful city in Indonesia that i have ever been. And i had 3 days chance to stay there. Wowwww!!! Cooollll!!! u want the details?u want it ?? ok let the story begins…..

Day 1

I had to go the airport at 3 a.m coz the departure was at 5 a.m. Ow my God!! it wasn’t what i wanted but it was my boss’ wish so we had to leave that early. we arrived at 9 a.m in Manado’s Airport. I should have taken picture infront of the logo of the airport so everyone would recognize that i have been there. i know it;s silly hehheheh

after that, we (me and my boss) went to the venue. i liked the place, very cozy but becoz it was so close to the bay, no wonder it was very hot…. and then we registered to the committee. i was almost not being accepted. but thank God there were a place left for me so huuuhh, i could take a deep breathe then. and u know what? i met a lot of people i know in my campus there (yea, right!!).. ofcourse, coz they are the people in the field… while me? who am i??

well, and u know what??? i met a lot of high-class VVIP in this place. u could see everyone u want to see and say hi to each of them, i just can’t believe this either.. and the end of the day 1 we were going to an opening gala dinner and WOW!!! there are a bunch of americans and europeans and australians and japanese and korean and africans, a lot of abroad countries infront of my face!!! and you’ll never know how greedy i was that night not for the food, but for those people. i really wanted to know them or even just to introduce myself to each of them.

i know that was a stupid thought but maybe if i could do that, i had more friends today, right? life is for networking, thats my motto… i like making friends, a lot of friends.. i think thats normal, everyone needs a friend everywhere, right? i loved the 1 st day in Manado (WOC)…

Day 2

My 2nd day at quite interesting too..i was going to the grand opening of Symposium and there were a lot of people there inside the building…ow my God!!!i was so excited…there are a lot of people,,,and there is Mr Minister of Marine and Fishery Mr. Freddy Numberi.. and then Mr Emil Salim as a keynote speaker…woooww….this is very great experience for me..and as i know,,i have never met these people in my whole life…

The stage of symposium at Plenary Hall

The stage of symposium at Plenary Hall

I think thats all i can tell you guys…

see ya around…in the corner.. 😀


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