setahun sudah part II

lanjut dari blog sebelumnya… πŸ˜€

terakhir itu bulan April…so we r running to May

MAY : i did a lot of things in May this yer..well dont really remember it but pastinya gw bekerja dengan segala jenis deadline yang ada..dari yg namanya laporan sampe tetek bengeknya which is i cant keep it in my memory..bulan ini yg pasti juga aku tidak mengunjungi negara ato propinsi manapun ajah… πŸ˜€

JUNE : as i told you before,,another month,,another research report… SIGH………………….

JULY : and this month is the most hectic..semua org dibikin kaya kebakaran jenggot..secara laporan bulan ini yg paling bikin jantung naek turun kaya naik jetkoster..huah!! dan akhir bulan hrs kelar..see???? nothing else but reports and proposals…thats my life..and i always try to enjoy it..with sigh…. πŸ˜€

AUGUST : i like this its my birthmonth..tapi ngga jauh jauh dari kerjaan..always been a hectic one..dan kali ini lebih parah dari bulan sebelumnya…rasanya mau jambak jambak rambut org tapi pasti ga ada yg mau dijambak toh?? hadeh!! and this month i was officially become a quarter age…I AM ALREADY OLD!!!! !%#*%@^$%*(^@$*&@%#&%!&*@%!)^ …whatever!..

SEPTEMBER : i love this know why?it’s holiday month!!! very loooooong holiday..i can have days off from every hectic activities in my S**KS office..well, not for a whole month but i thank God for the holiday..i can have a wholeday watching bunch of DVDs..yeeeaa i am a shud know that! haha!..sepanjang liburan gw cuma ngendem di rumah sambil nonton tv atopun koleksi film gw..muahahahahahhaha i feel like a princess in a cinema..ehehehhehe..well thats not really good for an employee like me, but i love chillin that way..seems so comfortable for me..ehehehe enjoying my day like that everyday..fyuh!! i love MYSELF!!! πŸ˜€ and after a long holiday, i have to get back to my office to do the same old jobs deadlines aaaaaaaaaand etc etc.. UGH!!

maybe this can inspire you..

maybe this can inspire you..

well….i have shared all the way i ve been walking since the beginning of the year 2010..and maybe i dont have a special journey to be shared but at least i have tried to say whats on my mind..and thats the most important for me…

see yah in the other blog…

and dont miss me.. :p πŸ˜€


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