Quotes collected!

Kalimat kalimat berikut saya buat sendiri berdasarkan kisah nyata..*halah* ..please enjoy..

Should i let go all of my dream and move forward so you will realize how much you mean to me

All i have dreamed of is being with you day and night and feel the warmth of your touch

I would rather feel hurt than nothing at all so please let me know your feeling for me is real

It’s not how many times you ask me to  leave but it’s how many times i do it and keep coming back to you

Maybe this is all i know, that i have no choice to make you believe, how much i really care, but you still have a chance to say that you don’t care

Maybe this is the time when i should look back and think how far we have been, so i can see how much i have suffered becoz of you

Even though you never know how i feel, i dont mind as long as i can still be around and know that you’re happy

The way i think about this relationship is the same as you find another way to break it and walk away

Tonight i have decided something. I will put my heart in your hand until you give it back to me someday

You can take my heart away and leave the empty space in me but i still have a brain to bring it back to me

Every songs keeps coming to my mind everytime i remember how sweet your voice in my ears

I pray that i would not have a heart attack coz i dont have anything for you to be given but my heart

I hope you know why i am still here and wasting my time coz i just can’t leave you and walk away

Today is just another day. Tomorrow will be your new chance to make it yours, so live it alive!

Don’t you ever try to dare me to walk away from you coz i am a loser when it concerns with you

I am not alive yet dying.I am cursed yet blessed for thinking of you this hard

The rain outside remains to my heart which is dropping pieces by pieces and flowing to different ends

I keep on wondering why we are still friends after a long conversation about making family in a dreamland of yours,not mine

I won’t use the word “dying” to define my feeling. I would rather use the word “eager” so it would not sound scary

Someday,somewhere,somehow you will find what you have been looking for, but sadly you recognize it at the last minute and it’s gone

Shadow. That’s what i am still looking for, even when you’re not here. Your shadow.

Maybe God have a No answer for me and my feeling about you, but i still hope you have a Yes answer for that

People can judge me as a bad person for hearting you, I don’t care, as long as you don’t judge me that way

This coffee is a good company so that i could daydream about us, although i realize it’s just a dream away

It hurts me so much when i know i can never let you go but in fact, you have never stepped into my life

I realize it’s a lie when i deny what i really feel inside my heart but when i speak it up i pretend that i don’t feel it

The best scene of my life is when noone realizes that i am existed to be by your side forever

Nothing can take me away from you, not even the death

I will always be there, around you, although you might not want me to be there

My curiosity is killing me softly even more when you leave me just in a thousand questions and i feel like a lil child who needs answers for that

I don’t know what it takes to keep you beside me but all i know is you will always stay in my heart

Sometimes i hate myself when i know it concerns with you coz you have stolen my heart

You really don’t know me until you find me drowning in your eyes whenever you look at me even just for a minute

I am no perfect at all but you have made me perfect since the first time you talk to me

Just me or you is ordinary but an us can make an extraordinary

God knows everything we have and He knows all about us and what we feel to each other and i believe that He has something for us whether it is a good thing or not, but it’s always be the best for us

I always pray for this relationship so He can hear what i hope for and what i need for us

Sometimes it’s hard for me coz i know the answer for this might be a No, but i believe He will answer my prayer

I like the way you make me feel everytime i hear your voice

I wish i were a butterfly so i could reach your place just by thinking that i could fly that far and will never be tired becoz you lead me by your heartbeat


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