Memang ini sebenernya bukan post yg penting..tapi momen ini ga akan gw sia siakan utk dipost ke blog gw..mungkin juga ga akan terulang lagi..well, who knows??

He,the one who ive been expecting for a month and more, IS BACK!!

HE IS BACK!! after a long time waiting for the very first smile from him…I love You GOD!

last night (Friday night actually) at 11.03 *buset ampe inget jam sm menitnya*, he put a smile emoticon in my inbox, and my heart bumped like hell..i felt like having a heartattack..yah really!!!and i ran out of my room to find more clearly GPRS signal..but he didnt show up again..

and then i tried to call his landline phone,just to make sure that he is still around his computer..and i was a lil dissappointed coz there was noother sign from him, so i decided to sleep..altough maybe i wouldnt get to sleep easily…

after about 5 mins,he buzzed me again into my inbox..TADAAA!! he was BACK!! another bumping heart in my chest…Jeez…i was so freakin nervous *knp gw hrs nervous??* it felt like the first time again *yaelaaaah gw lebay amat yak?* maybe becoz of a month no speaking to each other..

so i decided to…can u guess it??? i decided to CALL HIM DIRECTLY!!! hahaaaa..i know that sounded crazy…well, i just wanna hear his voice,thats all..and SURPRISE!!! he picked up the phone…

“hello,its Chris speaking,,who is this??”


“hello, its Dina speaking…”

and we had such a very cool conversation that night,after a quiet month of our chats..i finally hear his voice!!! and thats the most important to me!! i dont know how glad i was when i could hear his voice…it’s like a miraculous miracle.. *mulai lebay lagiii*

sooo,shortly, we had a lot of topics in late-night conversation (my timezone,not his) and something not good happened again…MY CREDITS WAS OUT OF CHARGE!! great!! hahaaa…. coz we couldnt continue talking on the phone so we continued in the internet,,well, as usual, we had a good one..

he had such a looooooot of stories to tell, while me?not really..but i thanked God that early morning (baca: jam 12-3 pagi waktu Indonesia) conversation after a month being silent,was adorable for me…and i think, for him too..we always had this word around us:MISS..yah..miss each other..i know thats not a very special thing to say,but we have it for each other..and that feels so good..for me..hehe 🙂

hey Chris,thanks for a nice conversation like always..i know we still missed each other,but i know you will always be there for me and i promise i will try to do the same,,thank you for everything we had..i will always remember every second of it..always miss you from here… 😀

And for my lovely dearest God,i can only say how grateful i am to You…You always know the right time for everything in my life,,i love You more and more each day, Jesus…i cant say anything else than thank You..thank You for every single thing in my life, even though i cant say it one by one.. i LOVE YOU,JESUS!

okay..thats it! LOVE YOU SO,LORD!

see you guys later,alligator! 😀


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