One Tweet to A Story

This post is inspired from @ftkf ‘s tweet : “And I hate to admit that I don’t know you. All these years, perhaps I have no idea who or what you really are. That’s why I love you


All of sudden, my heart melted. So here we go..

I know I have written a lot about you. Yes you. only you and you again. And in the end, I can’t think to write any other thing but you. Coz you’re one of a kind.

At least, that’s what CNBlue said in their song.

Ehehehehehehehehehehehe ~


I have known you since I don’t really remember the date. But I remember the year. And it’s a lot far behind that I can’t even reach it. The thing is, I don’t think I can approve myself that I know you as you in a very good way. Let’s say, I have known you for a couple years. But still. it’s not quite long enough time to say that I know you that well.

Confused? Yes? Good. Eat that.

Ehehehehehehehehehehe ~

Back again, I tried to rewind some post of us talking to each other quite often. But again, I can’t convince myself that you have opened a wider part of yourself, even to me. The more I try to make myself to know you, the more I feel that I haven’t even close enough to know you. The more I wish you would do that to me, the more impossible it seems to be happened.

You always say that you are my friend. But how could a friend not know anything about the other friend? It sounds no make sense to me. Maybe it does makes sense to you.  Or maybe what people say about stranger is true; Sometimes, a best friend is someone we’ve never met physically. Maybe, just a maybe.

I have always tried to keep my curiosity about you which comes up in every single time we have a talk. Here, inside my brain. And I know that you will never tell about anything that I wanna know too easily. So, we have found our each standing corner. And when that moment comes – a moment when you allow me to cross the borderline – I have my own limit to make you feel comfortable to tell yourself to me.

Honestly, you can be too scary to talk to. Not only when you act as “a stranger” to me, but also when you seem like “a very good friend” of mine.

No. Please have a seat and take a deep breathe after you read the previous line. Please have a cup of coffee that you love ~

Confused again? Ah, that can be my fault. So please sip your coffee :))

I would like to ask about a lot of things to you. I really do. I just don’t do that since you don’t want me to. So I give it up.

Maybe we will stay this way until I don’t know when. But I can only say thank you very much for everything that we have shared to each other, either the habits, the laughs, the happiness or the bad times we have on our own. Those things already pay me in the front to make me knowing you better and better each day. And I hope you can have the same thing too.

Now I feel like I have already talked too much. No, I am no blabbering or storytelling. I just want you to know that I am so thankful to have you in some years of my life until now. Those years are irreplaceable for me and you too, are irreplaceable in the deepest part of my heart. I don’t really care if I can have another bigger chance to know you even more than before. Maybe that kind of situation can be changed through time.

I can still have a wish, can’t I? :))

And just give a small space in your small room. Right there, when you are ready to reveal yourself. To me.

Don’t worry, your secret will be safe with me. :’)



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