Different title – same feeling

Darn. It has to be titled like this when I accidentally listened to two songs.

First gloom came from one song in 2PM new album “GROWN” and it striked me like bowling game. I have listened to it since a week ago, but out of nowhere, today, I went crazy and googled the translation lyrics of this song and – BAM! I was amazed.

FYI, This song is ballad genre, so I have prepared that it would be a gloom effect feeling. But right after I found the lyrics, that “feeling” came twice bigger than my estimation. Well, that’s the risk I should have taken.

Anyway, I’m not in a cloudy feeling today so I can guarantee that it won’t give a lot of impact to my heart *halah* Really, the worst impact perhaps, I might sing it all day over and over again. HAHAHAHAHA.

Here we go, the first part:
Suddenly, your face came into my mind
Suddenly, I thought of you
So I took out the deeply buried memories from my heart once again

Jerking enough, isn’t it? I know. Please put away the knives and forks and everything that is sharp enough to hurt you. :))))

Skip the second part and go straight to the refrain:
Why can’t I forget you?
I’m only hurting like a fool
Why won’t my heart listen to me?
I try to forget and forget and force myself to laugh

Why can’t I forget you?
Why do I have to hurt like a fool?
It’s nothing, it’s nothing
I’m sorry for being like this by myself
I just thought of you suddenly.

SUDDENLY. yes, that’s the BIG TITLE.
Suddenly this song slaps all over your piece of day and turns around like there’s nothing happened. Oh, just kill me now.

Go straight to the bridge and have a good listening to Chansung’s voice (I think it is his voice ^^) :
Now I shouldn’t look for you, who has gone far away
Even if my heart crumbles and falls, I hope you’re happy
Even if my heart ever looks for you
And calls out your name, my love.

Yes, it sounds pathetic doesn’t it? Please don’t hate Chansung just becoz he sounds like gonna stab the heart of yours when the only thing he did was tried to entertain you with the song. I love him, anyway. *lah*

Enclosure, that is the first dying song from 2PM, one of my favorite boys in this crazy world. I can’t bear but to love them in anykind of situation they have made thru their singing. It’s just I love them too much that they can get inside my chest directly. *apeu*

Now let’s drive to the second dying song. The song is from CN Blue; LOVE RIDES THE RAIN. This song is typically Yonghwa and Jonghyun creation, full of beautiful words and deep meaning like a poem. I know. You guys really want to kiss them right away, don’t you? :)))

This is our first part of the song :
I think of you hidden inside rain drops sliding down the windoe
I erase you with tears coming down my heart
You liked rain; you are listening to this sound
Do you remember me? I miss you when it rains

One of a simple line in this song yet it makes me want to run into the heavy raindrops. Darn it, Yonghwa, you should see me dancing nakedly under the rain. *WADOH*SEMOGA LULUS SENSOR*

And then this is the refrain :
Love rains down. Memories flow down
I think of you again at the sound of rain
Love rains down. Memories flow down
You soaked my hardened heart; into the rain, you are leaving me

Ah, I have mentioned about the poem thing before. well, there you go, sweet words that perhaps makes us starting to have a diabetes. Please a no, God. It seems like after you taste the sweets, the bitter comes right away and you can’t deny it. Your brain started to daydream and your eyes started to wander to some other universe. Ah~ let me grab my tissue.

This part, I guess, is the bridge :
even though you’ve forgotten me (even though you’ve forgotten me)
please remember me again (please remember me again)
when it floods with longing, the rain will call you

I pray that you are always happy, you’re always smiling
I pray that you don’t do sad love like the rain
Please don’t forget this: my hope that loves you will rain down beside you

Oh, please not again. those beautiful feeling that came right after those prayer lyrics. I hate you so much, Jonghyun – if it really was you who write this song. Can you just give me a hug right now please? *Malah Modus* :’)))

This song reminds me how I have always praised the rain when it came down right before my window. Beautiful rhythm of sound and now, I found the suitable also beautiful song from my favorite band, CN Blue. They are too perfect, aren’t they? The genre is ballad, so yes, it is PERFECTLY MATCHED.

No, I won’t ask you to try to listen the song when the rain was truly dropping outside. And no, I won’t ask you to feel the same way as I do. I was just trying to define some lyrics from two songs I am listening to on these days. And yah, those songs haven’t dragged me too far to the mourning or wailing world, yet. All I know is these guys have some awesome attractions to make me listen to their songs.

So, being sad when you listen to some (ballad) songs is always being a choice. To me, it depends on the timing. Even when you’re in a gloomy day and the song is playing, you might ignore it and won’t feel more gloomy than before. So is in the other way, when you’re happy, these songs can raise your sad memories in your head and not-purposively, you might cry.

Shit happens anytime it wants, doesn’t it? :))

NOTE: You can find SUDDENLY lyrics here and LOVE RIDES THE RAIN lyrics here.





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