Bachelor Garden Party.

That day was Sunday. And I was supposed to be at home, having church time with my family. But I skipped it for one reason.

Sudden Picnic Party for my renthouse maid. YAY!

Sorry Mom :))

Well, this sudden party is exactly suddenly. I live in a small renthouse and with some awesome girls who I adore more and more day by day I get to know them. We have a housemaid who is much much younger than us, the girls. She has become our best maid and friend ever since we get to know her.

One night, she expelled her future plan. She said she will get married at this very month and we–the girls– was totally shocked. She is only 23 years old and already found the man of her life, whom we never know what he looked like and where he came from.


This kind of surprise surely is something that I never expect like ever from somebody like her. But okay, I have to admit that someday she will become a wife and mother, just the same with what I will be too.  Someday ~

This kind of surprise is truly a big surprise of my life. Maybe that was me, who become too much about it.

Enough with the long short story of surprise surprise. Skip to the picnic party.

We planned it one night before. that’s why I called it Sudden Picnic Party or if I can quote from one of the girls, Bachelor Party for our housemaid. Yeap. Bachelor Garden Party. Coz we did it at a big garden in the middle of the town. So the plan was executed succesfully. We really did the picnic party.

There we go to see the captures :Image

Left to right : Putri – Since – Dahlia


Left to right : Elsa – Ebet (the star of the show)


Left to right : Dahlia – Tita – Ruli.

Those are the guests included me as the photographer :)))

We went there at 8 a.m. We also bring breakfast to eat together. Lontong MEDAN FTW :))) The best breakfast at the town. It’s absolutely recommended food from us there. Next schedule, after having breakfast, we shared other foods too. One of the girls at the picture bought a lot of snacks before we take off to the garden. So TADAAA~ we have a lot of snacks and will not be worried of starveness.

That simple to be happy. Happy tummy, happy mind, happy self. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

While having snacks, some of us started to lay down and enjoyed the blue sky above us. It was so beautifully quiet and peaceful place we have picked.


Some of us playing with cat which apparently felt alone and was happy when we visited the place.


Some of us also didn’t stop to chew (oops~)


Seemed like there would be no perfect like we had that day. Too perfect to be true. Blue sky, green everywhere, food and friends. What can we expect more?





Thank you, girls. I have loved you since ever and I will always do until ever.

To Ebet—my youngest cute friend— have a happily ever after marriage life (since I can’t say it directly to you at your wedding day just because you don’t want to let us know the D-date hih! ) and always be the same person like you before you got married. I and the girls will always try to be your coolest girls you have ever known in your lifetime. We love you, Ebeeeeeeet :’) :3 ❤


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