Another Bachelor Party Time

The very last post was about bachelor party of my youngest sister in renthouse. Now, you will find me writing another bachelor party time in my life. Yeap, two friends of mine were leaving in a short time. Leaving the house, leaving the girls, leaving everything behind in the town.

Sad, isn’t it? Me being sad? Nope. I know. I am heartless enough, aren’t I ?

Venue : American Steak/ Sizzler (Sudirman) – Baskin Robbins – Coffee Bean (Grand Indonesia)

Date : April 9, 2014 (PILEG DAY in Indonesia)

Time : Lunch hour (12 a.m until drop)

I should have taken some pictures of the brides to be. But yeah, we were too busy for that. So the pictures will be on following later.

Oh, maybe the names would be put first.

The bachelor party of Putri and Dahlia

I would be too embarassed to tell the story but I know I have to do it. Damn.

So I was going home before the D-Day since I had to vote for PILEG (Pemilihan Legislatif) this year. I woke up quite early I guess, so I wasn’t too worried that I would be late to join the girls. But I was so wrong. I had to wait for my family to be ready since I didn’t want to leave home alone to go to voting place. Yea, I was the one who is wrong. SUE ME NOW ~

The girls were ready to leave from Bogor at 9.30 a.m by train. But I was still at voting place at 10.30 a.m. Whadda a Jerk! Short story, my name was called to vote in that time so I rushed to meet the girls in Sizzler by taxi. Yes, I was taking a taxi to go there, girls. Now I WANT REIMBURSEMENT FOR MY TAXI MONEY. *halah*

By the way, the driver didn’t know the exact place of my destination. WHADDAFAK. This is why I have to be a driver real soon, so I can toyor-toyor every taxi driver in Jakarta for being sok you-know and apply to be a taxi driver. For the information, the taxi driver was passing my exact destination which is Sizzler who has A REAL BIG NAME BOARD in Jalan Sudirman-Thamrin. Really. I should have toyored his head. Really.

Short story (again), I reached there at 12.30 a.m. While the girls (who has not done the vote anywhere and got no ink in their finger) has reached there since … … … 11.15 a.m (I guess). I WAS SO F*CKING LATE, MOMMAAH. Okay, I screamed too much in this post. Okay *inhales —– exhales*


Thank God, God made me sooo hungry that I could eat a big table in the restaurant. No, just kidding. They saw me coming late and offered me every foods there. Awww I wuf you girls. ❤ Recommended foods were flowing from everyone. And the best food there was … … … EVERYTHING. Since I tried every food there, so I have no heart to be selfish and chose one of them. Ehehe. Yea, voracious aren’t I ?

Okay. The food I like the most was the dried potato. I could put every spices into it. And guess, I like it. The steak was also good, but since I love ice cream, I recommend it too. It was soooo soft and melting. Yumm~

Oh~ for the info, we bought vouchers to get ALL YOU CAN EAT event in the restaurant. Thanks to the most precious person, Mbak Since, for her kindly recommendation to buy the voucher.


The very reason why we chose them is because of the purple finger. Yep, we can buy one get one only by showing the finger. HAHAHAHAHAHA HAPPY TUMMY HAHAHAHAHA. From Baskin Robbins, we bought two small cups of a scoop of ice cream. From Coffee Bean, we got two cups of iced coffee. Also we could see a 5 minutes fountain show next to those restaurants. I was the happiest person in town. :”>

Ah. I forgot one BIG THING. To me, it is a kind of big thing since I love it so much. I lost my own chance to have a free small cup of kopi susu from Starbucks that day. The hour was only from 1 to 3 p.m but I didn’t make it. Stupid me. I know I was. The reason why (perhaps) I lost it was because I was too busy queueing at those places I have mentioned before. So there was the regret goes …


I have got all for another bachelor party. We went home together by train to Bogor and brought back the happiness home.

Girls, thank you for everything we had together. I will cherish every single second of it for the rest of my life.

I love you ~ :3


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