(Again) Bachelor Party Time

Maybe you think I have no other thing to do but having a bachelor party. Maybe you think I was wasting too much time for that. Well, okay. Think as you wish to. I have too much time to spend with my friends and you say I was too much for doing that.

This time, yes it is another story for a bachelor party. This time, we went for craving ice cream and nasi uduk Kebon Kacang. HAHAHA. What? You have never tried the nasi uduk name? *puk puk* I should give the coordinate then for you. LATER.

Venue : Nasi Uduk Kebon Kacang Resto, Haagen Dazs Grand Indonesia & Yoshinoya

Date : Saturday, April 27 2014

Time : Lunch hour (again) till I was too tired to move my ass.

We were continuing on buying voucher. This time, the fortunate food was Haagen Dazs. Yeap that famous ice cream name. And yeap that popular ice cream for being too delicious and also … expensive. It was only Rp 30.000 and my tummy was so happy that I didn’t want to leave the place. Ahahahahaha ~ That is why we bought the voucher. IHIY! And the credit for buying the voucher was again, to Ms Since, she succeeded on making us following her rayuan gombal. (–,)

First stop : Nasi Uduk Kebon Kacang.

I didn’t really pay attention for the route we walked to the place. But I saw the name of the street which is the same as the resto name. Kebon Kacang street. So if you know where it is, then you will be successful on finding the place.

We had nasi uduk for lunch and also es jeruk (orange juice) for drink. Some of the girls were taking 2 glasses of it. Ofcourse, it was one of a very good es jeruk I have ever drunk. After we finished, we decided to separate between two teams. Some of us were leaving to Thamrin City. Ofcourse, for shopping. And the rest of us were leaving for ice cream time. I was on ice cream team. And I didn’t regret it at all since I was so curious about that expensive and famous name.

Second Stop : Haagen Dazs Grand Indonesia

I knew I made a very good decision. The ice cream was too good to be consumed. But sadly, it was very fast to melt. I chose rum raisin and raspberry ice cream. Yes, a scoop for each. Ah ~ heaven ~

While waiting for the other team, we (the ice cream team) were walking around the mall. Still to me, this mall was too big to walk around by myself. Window shopping, going in and out shops. Almost 3 p.m, we went back to Haagen Dazs to meet the shopper team so they could have the ice cream too. And we sat there for the next 2 hours.

It was almost 5 p.m. We decided (again, impulsively) to have dinner there. At Yoshinoya. The reason was because it will be too late to have dinner at Bogor since we will take APTB (busway feeder) to get back home.

Third Stop : Yoshinoya Grand Indonesia

It was been a very long day that we spent almost a day in that mall. We also had a chance to see (again) the 5-mins fountain show near Yoshinoya. That way, we close our touring day and went back home.

Ah, the most thing I would like to tell is about our route to go home. First decision, we would not take the train for going home. There were some of bad stuffs happened. So yes, we dropped the train choice. And then, we decided to take APTB the busway feeder. One or two reason after we thought again, we dropped that choice. And then, we got back to the train choice. Oh really, I live with these women for some years?? They are sooo unstable. Okay, back to the plot. We chose to take the train from Kota station. So we had busway to go there. The bad news, I got the bad news. The busway we took was not going to Kota Station, but to Grogol/Slipi. *inhales ————— exhales*


So we stopped at Grogol busway stop. And you know what? we decided to take Kalideres bus to get home. In the middle of toll road. And it was almost 9 p.m. Dear God, protect us …

We were waiting for like a couple minutes for the bus. I had a very bad sense that the bus will be too long to come and there was also a chance that the last bus has already departed from the station. HolyCOW. We kept on waiting, anyway.

Suddenly, there was a miracle. A kind of the answer of our prayer. APTB BUS WAS PASSING BEHIND US. And you know what, THE DRIVER WAS OFFERING US TO TAKE THE RIDE. THAT WAS SO MIRACULOUS O MY GRACIOUS GOD. Okay. I have to be calm.

Oh for the info, we were standing in the middle of toll road. So there was no busway stop around. Yet, the APTB driver was still giving us a ride. Really God has a lot to do for us that time. He was so worried about 6 (innocent) girls being hopeless so there was APTB for them.

The adventure was almost ended. The bus was safely taking us back home. And the most remindable thing from the bus was the playlist. It was so random that we could got awake suddenly when they were being played. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Crazy.

We finally reached home at almost 12 a.m. So tired. So happy. So blank. And there it goes the closure :

Lunch and dinner altogether. Also for shopping and eating ice cream. Also for laughing and gossiping. Also for taking a wrong route at 8 p.m to go home. Yes, those are girls thing. We were born to live that way. No regret and no turning back. Someday, we will see the day back then as one of unforgetful memories. At least, it will happen to me.

Maybe that was one reason why I write it here in a blog. Maybe one day, when I open this blog and I found this post, I will tell myself that I was so lucky that time. I will be thankful and proud for being one of those girls. And then, I will come to the thought of how the girls are doing today. I will also wonder if they also remember those happy moments being altogether.

And maybe, that day, when I read this, the smile will come out from my face. And say : I hope the girls will always be as happy as I am today, not only when they reminisce that day’s togetherness, but also everyday in their life, no matter what is happening to them right now. I also know that the blessing will always revolve around each of them so I will not be worried at all.

Cheers, love <3. And GODSPEED.


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