Beautiful Gary-ssi

To Mr. Sudden Commander, Kang Heegun (Gary).

안녕하세요, 강개리 오빠~

The first time I saw you, you were one of those no-too-good-looking guy in my eyes.
The first time I saw you, you were kind of the neighborhood guy to me.
That was only the first time.

Week after week, I get more chances to know you a bit deeper. Week after week, you show me the real version of yourself. Week after week, your image is slowly changed in my mind. And my heart. That, after weeks has passed.

Years has passed. First year I knew you was on 2012. You haven’t changed a lot since then. You are still the same person I knew before. The humble one, the cheeky one, the unfunny but laughable one, the cute one. And the loving-able one. Slowly, I fall for your act. I fall for your smile. I fall for your gimmick. I fall for your gentle heart. I fall for your way in treating a woman. I fall for your everything in a very slow mode. That, after years has passed.

Maybe you will never recognize me as one of those girls who sees you in a different way. Or maybe you have seen me liking your instagram posts only in a glance, among those 2,1 million followers.

Nevertheless, I would still be grateful if you really did see me among those people.

One day, if I had a chance to have face-to-face moment with you and you offered me one chance to say anything to you, I would love to say : Thank you, for had been born into the world, then worked hard to be one of those superstar, then been seen by me, then made me fall into you only by your gentle and caring heart.

Even better, one day, if I had a chance to make you believe that I am the one you need for the rest of your life. If only that day would come into my life, if only that would come true, I would support you even more than I ever did when I was only your fans. I would accompany you through ups and downs, through better and worse, through health and sickness, until the end. I would be your very best fans. I would be your best discussing friend, your best house manager, your best chef, your best in everything you wish for.

I will try my hardest to be your best partner in life. I won’t promise anything but I will prove that I can. That, only when God give a chance for me to be involved in your life.

At last, I want to say thank you for inspiring me to see someone into the depth of heart. You showed me that a beautiful heart can transform not-so-good look into the most pleasant face I always want to see.

사랑함니다, 강개리 오빠 :’)

From : Your most loyal Indonesian girl fans, Dina-ssi.

For the information, he is one of the Running Man member. Running Man is one of the famous Korean variety show. And I’m a proud fans of it. Ehehe😀😀



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