Aries Man

To the Aries Man.

Before I had a chance to (finally) meet you, I have always dreamed of you. I dreamed about you in your white shirt and ripped blue jeans, standing alone in the middle of enormous park. I dreamed about you turning your back and looking all around. I dreamed about you locking your gaze at one face but then you turned your face away.

I dreamed about you a lot. I just couldn’t figure out your true face.

It seems like God once visited my dream. He probably saw you in it. And then I can guess that God had known you before the world existed. So He sent you into my kind of world. In front of my door, which has been broken a lot of times.

God finally made us meet each other. Out of the blue, in the middle of nowhere, only the two of us. I finally meet you. You finally meet me. We, finally meet each other.

I’m never sure that you’re the same man who appeared in my dreams. But I thought I have seen your kinda figure in one of my dreams. Or maybe I was just dreaming in my dream. Anyway, I won’t even bother about it. Since I don’t live in dreamland.

Until today, I still can’t find the very reason why God made this encounter. The only thing I know is He knows that we need each other. I need you to make myself perfect. You need me to complete your imperfect life.

Now, even after the day I met you, I still can’t believe it. Every single day, I keep thinking that I live inside my dreams. Or if I can say, I’m finally living it up. I hope nobody will try to wake me up.

Dear Aries man, thank you for (seems like) appearing in my dreams and being seen by our dearest God. I will keep sending prayers so this wonderful dream of being with you will never meet the end. You know how much I wuf you, don’t you?



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