Pray Day #4

Dear God. It’s me again.
The one who always annoys You there.

Tonight I finally smile from my heart.
Tonight I finally feel Your warmest touch.
Tonight I can see my eyes shine brightly.

I wonder how You work on me.
I wonder how Your love work on me.
The way You make me smile like I used to.
The way You make me feel to be loved like I once had been.

Tonight I finally can pray again.
Pray for the people I care about.
Pray from the deep of my heart.
Pray with the truest truth in me.

Tonight I finally can leave my fake smile behind.
Leave all my burden away.
Leave all my sadness away.
Leave all my darkness corner behind.

I wonder how it all happens to me at once.
I wonder how good You do these all to me.
The way You light up my day to every second.
The way You put up my feet from Earth to Heaven.

Tonight, I’m finally able to love again.
Able to feel the lightest love in my heart.
Able to show the simplest love that I’ve accepted.

Tonight, I can sleep safe and sound, dear Good God.
Since You have delivered the peace of mind and heart.
Unto me.
So I’m able to do the same thing to him.
To the man I have been praying for.

Dear God, please accompany me for doing anything in my life.



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