Pray Day #6

Dear God. I’m present tonight.

I had a thought this afternoon while I was walking home.
I had a thought that maybe some people should experience the darkest time once in their lifetime.
Maybe unconsciously, I did have one along the recent 30 years.

For one minute, I tried to analyze about “his” darkest time too.
I should be honest my dear God.
Recently, I rarely think about him for many times a day.
So this afternoon, while I was walking alone on going home, he crossed my mind and made me analyze this stuff.

Maybe this moment is his darkest time for life.
Maybe this state is his lowest time for life.
Maybe this case is the biggest scene for his life.

For the climax, maybe this is what he should experience for once in the lifetime.
The darkest moment.
The scariest memory.
The most tiring state.
And the most difficult one.

I have no idea about what he did in the past that You make him get through this kind of event.
But whatever it is, it might be as dark as the time he had suffered for a couple recent months.

Dear Good God. I have no power to help him or to make him a bit happier.
I have no power to make him feel a bit free.
I have no power at all as a human or lover.

The only power I know he can have is from You.
The one and only power he should take is from You.
I have been able to get through the hard times only by being and staying with You.
I hope he also ask for the same thing from You.
I hope he also ask You to always stay.
I hope he also ask You to always give the strength.
I hope he also count on You only.

Dear Good God. Right now, another now, another asking.
I pray for he will never try to defy You.
I know that You will never leave him.
But I also know that he might wanting to leave Your side.

So please …
Dear God. Please make him stay and please make him not to let Your hand go.



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